Welcome to Word of Life Kenya, Africa.

Our churchs are set amongst some of the poorest and most amazing people groups of the world, the Kenyan African People. This is a story about churches getting planted against all odds, about the love of community and pastors who give of their time and scarce resources. It's a story about spreading The Word of God, people getting healed, and the lost getting saved and born again. And this is also a story of great need and hardships, one that includes Orphans, where children are being rescued.

Word of Life Community Church Kenya currently includes over 60 church plants diversely located throughout Kenya, Africa. The orphans we care for are located in several cities in Kenya including Nakuru and Bungoma, Kenya. We love to host people that are called to visit, who love the Word of God, and who would like to experience and be a part of what God has been accomplishing here.

Please take time to explore our website. You are welcome to contact us. Thank you for your interest and support.

Dan Amakobe
Senior Pastor and founder, Word of Life Kenya